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dressing up

Ellie Ettehadieh eettehad at direct.ca
Sat Jul 27 02:52:21 EST 1996

In article <4t931b$nhv at battery.awod.com>, alesiam at awod.com (Alesia
McBrayer) wrote:

> In article <4sg8i6$4kf at news.inc.net>, storck-s at it.uwp.edu (Denise Storck-schattner) says:
> >
> >This is in response to the recent threads about women in science who 
> >dress up and wear makeup not being serious about science.  I am a woman 
> >in science.  As a graduate student, I wear the casual jeans and T-shirt, 
> >but they are nice jeans and T-shirts.  My hair is kept nice, makeup 
> >natural, and nails polished and filed nicely.  I, however, feel that I do 
> >take science seriously.  However, to do my best and contribute to the 
> >best of my ability, I need to take some time for myself.  I often times 
> >polish my nails before turning in for the night.  The invention of Quick 
> >Dry helps a lot.  And, it does not take much effort or time to achieve 
> >the natural look with makeup in the morning.  My hair style is the wash 
> >and go kind, and we all have to go shopping for clothes - I buy nice 
> >informal wear.  
> >
> >To me, looking nice and not like some graduate students (who look like 
> >they have slept in their clothes for three days straight) does not mean 
> >I'm not a serious scientist, but that I take pride in the way I look and 
> >that pride carries over into my work.  Granted, I'm no Cindy Crawford, 
> >but looking nice for me helps me feel good, and when I feel good, things 
> >seem to go a lot better in my research.  
> >
> >If somebody does not want to take me seriously because I may wear 
> >lipstick and nail polish, it is not my problem.  It's their's as they 
> >could be missing out on something of value.
> >
> >As for my personal preference, I tend to take people who look nice and 
> >portray a put-together image more seriously.  People who look like 
> >_"slobs"_ basically tell me that I'm too lazy to take care of myself, I 
> >don't care about my looks, and therefore, I don't care or am too lazy to 
> >care about anything else.  
> >
> >So, for all you women out there who like to remain feminine, my powder 
> >brush goes to you.
> >
> >Dee
> Dee,
> 	You tell them all about it!  I am also a woman in the Biology field
> .  I love to dress up, especially on days that I know will be rough
>  or slow.  I don't think anyone should be judged concerning their sincerity on the job
> by the way they look.  I believe that people should be judged on how they do their job.
> Thanks for standing up for all of us who still try to look like women.

I agree with this completely.  A freind of mine dresses and looks like a
model and at the same time she got her MSc with 95% averge in medical
genetics and is doing her PhD now.  I can say that she is actually
considered more serious of a person because she does take care of her
appearence.  Its nice to see someone who is intelligent and succesful at
their work/school but still has the time to look the best they can.  I
think that is the sign of a well rounded person.  As for me, there are days
that I am all dressy with my nails fixed and etc...and there are days that
I look like a slob and I don't think that I am more or less serious of a
person or less/more dedicated to my work just because I look like a slob or
look nice.

that is my oppinion for now...


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