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student evaluation

dkat dkat at psych1.psy.sunysb.edu
Sat Jul 13 23:44:27 EST 1996

Susan Jane Hogarth wrote:
> russell russell wrote:
> > Do males get these same inane comments about body parts/clothing/jewelry
> > on TEACHING evaluations? I don't mean to imply that all students are
> > sexist,
> How 'bout this idea - men and women students are equally observant of an instructors'
> dress, habits, smell, etc., and are equally obsessed with the opposite sex (usually),
> but male students feel more free to express themselves, whereas a female student
> might not want to hurt anyone's feelings... make any sense to you? That fits in with
> the way i saw things as an undergrad...
> --

I knew one male professor who got an evaluation critcizing him for wearing a down vest
during lectures (of course the same person, who for some reason struck me as male, complained 
about Aristotle, Freud, and Jung not being taught in class - it was not a philosophy or
clinical psychology class).  Still I do tend to agree that females are still put to different
standards than males.  Ian Neathe just publish a paper that says the best way to get good
evaluations is to be male (he's British and this is very-tongue-in-cheek paper but still with 
many grains of truth).  If you can't manage that, he contiues, be as androgynous as possible;
teach small classes; give everyone good grades; etc.  It does cite reputable studies and I will
try to remember to cite it properly Monday.  (There are many studies out there that are related
to this by the way - such as a paper with a man's name on it will receive a higher grade than
the same paper with a woman's name on it; female children will be over corrected and less called
on than male students even by teaches that say they actively try to encourage female students or
feel they have no bias; etc.).  The press make a great deal out of very minor sex differences,
ignoring the fact that for the most part male and female populations overlap significantly on
almost all attributes.  I could ramble for a while on this but it is late and I do believe I am


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