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Rushing publications

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Jul 11 09:09:24 EST 1996


All this talk about "number of publications" got me thinking about my
situation. I'm beginning my PhD, but have not yet been published :-(
But that's not the problem. Part of my thesis work is looking like it
will be an analysis/description of the genome of my subject organism.
This, of course, entails several different types of analyses -
microscopic, biochemical, etc. One of my committee members (who is
almost a co-advisor since he works in the same lab and gives me lots of
training and advice) keeps talking about "several papers" from this
work. I feel that all of the analyses together would make one nice,
meaty paper, which would be a nice resource for others in the field. 

He's a fine scientist, and I _very_ much respect his thinking about
science, but I can't help thinking that he is very eager for more
publications (he has a non-tenured soft-money position here). To be
honest, I also feel pressure/temptation to get a few publications under
my belt (my MS work was a disaster, and I'm eager to prove myself), but
I can't help thinking of all my trips to the library to get some 2 page
paper, only to have to go back the next day to get the _next_
installment from the same lab... It's not as if this is critical,
breaking work which needs to be released as soon as possible - at least
this is how _I_ feel about it. 

I suppose that it comes down to a matter of style, and I just don't feel
like this is my style. How strong a stand should I take on this type of

Well, I need to get back to the lab, or there won't be _any_ pubs ;-)


Susan Jane Hogarth

Man: What is my purpose?
Universe: Define purpose.

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