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men, women, the politics of baking

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 19 15:20:56 EST 1996

aloisia schmid wrote:
> ...But you know what?  I would like to just be able to relax enough to
> do what I want to and have everybody else do that too---and not decide how
> every little thing adds up to your worth and value as a scientist.  I
> sometimes feel like my success or failure in science is going to be
> determined by how I make the second to second determinations of how I
> spend my time.   And if I fritter it away cleaning or baking, well I have
> no one to blame but myself.

Wow, *that* _really_ resonates with me. I can't decide, though, whether
it makes me want to go plug away in the lab all evening or *finally*
learn how to make a cheese sauce (a minor ambition of mine...).

> I have noticed one other thing though.  Sports.  Have any of you noticed
> that sports occupies the attnetion of alot of men in science? 

Not really. At least not more than it occupies the attention of other
men (and prob less).

> I have a friend whose husband hates sports.  He and I had a long
> discussion about this once.  I said that it had long been my belief that
> men use sports to meet each other and to jockey for position in
> professional circles.  That sports knowledge is respected and gives status
> in conversation.  But that it is a purely male thing and that women who
> know alot about sports don't ever REALLY have the same experience of using
> sports trivia in those situations that men do, because by virtue of who
> they are, they just can't do it. It's a guy thing.  This friend's wife
> thought that wasn't true, (she and I had been talking about this) and she
> was really surprised when he agreed with me.  He thinks that no woman can
> ever be taken credibly in a sports conversation, because she is a woman.
> Sports knowledge in and of itself is not important.  How much credibility
> it gives you as a smart guy is what it boils down to.

Umm - reflect on your sample. BOTH you and the person who agrees with
you are admitted sports haters. I think this may bias your conclusions a
bit ;-)

Myself, I notice that all the people with small children can "connect"
instantly, which leaves me out (no one wants to hear how clever my dog
is :)  When the conversation turns to "poop" (consistency, frequency,
etc...) I just leave ;-)

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