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Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Dec 12 11:19:21 EST 1996

Eva Dupille (poseva at iata.csic.es) wrote:
: Hello girls,
: I often read messages of this newsgroup. I wonder why there is no more =
: help between women: something more practical, more solidarity between =
: women. Perhaps that is not the meaning of the newsgroup, but there must =
: be some women researchers with power of decision, for jobs. Why not to =
: begin to put job announcemments here first ? If we do not have =
: solidarity between us, no way that things will change.=20
: I don t see women choosing women to work with. I was postdoc in USA, =
: Spain and France, similar, no help between women.
: Just morning thoughts, sorry for my english.=20
: Eve

Hello Eve
	If women want to be treated as equals then first and above all they
should see others as equals. Why do you feel strongly that in your opinion
you dont see women choosing women? It would make sense if men or women would
choose the best man (woman) for the job and it would contradict the ideal
of equality if someone chose to employ a person because of their gender.
I am afraid just because you are a woman don't expect special treatment.


PS. If I had said "Hello girls" like you had said above I would have been
flamed by some of the others here, now I try my best not to...:)

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