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Evolution in the schools

Patricia W. Cash cash at bms.com
Thu Aug 29 18:59:22 EST 1996

I think that it is important for all parents to be involved in their 
child's education.  The parent, not the school system, is the child's 
primary teacher.  I applaud Pat Robertson's efforts to get parents 
involved in the schools - because the majority of parents are not 
involved.  People are even less likely to vote in  school board elections 
than political elections.  I think that those who care enough to get 
involved should have the right to decide what is taught.  If a "hot" 
issue such as creation/evolution arises, it should be put to a public 
vote and  the majority should decide.   In any case, parents should be 
informing children at a young age that not everything heard in school is 
true.  My son had to stand up to his teacher in second grade and tell her 
that there actually was slavery in the north.   She denied it even after 
he brought in references!  It's the parent's role as primary educator to 
let the child know when the teacher is not totally correct.  

As a scientist and a Christian, I personally don't see the problem with 
"coverage of the origins of life based on scientific evidence".  
Scientific evidence must be presented.  Evolution has been shown to occur 
within a particular species (plenty of scientific evidence) but as far as 
the big bang theory and the origin of life there is a lot of controversy. 
 What is taught at the K-12 level in school is generally oversimplified 
and presented as absolute truth.  I believe that there is ONE truth out 
there and none of us have that total truth.  I don't understand how 
science and  Christianity can come into conflict (from a professed 
Christian's point of view).  Christians who are afraid of studying 
science because they believe somehow the need for God may be disproved 
obviously don't have much faith in God.  A scientist is just observing 
God's creation.  

If you are looking to take action, how about teaching a science club in 
your local school.  Call your local school district and see if they run 
such clubs, or start one yourself.  Alternatively, you could present in a 
science class as a qualified guest lecturer, or better yet, set-up a 
creation/evolution debate with a local pastor or avid Creationist.  I am 
in support of anything that may incite children to study science or the 
Bible.   Most importantly, be a responsible citizen and vote.

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