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the feminist critique of science

Tue Sep 12 10:16:09 EST 1995

In reply to Pearse:
>Can you give a specific example of this. I have yet to come across 
>guidelines that suggest that inclusion of women in a study group was 

 It's my understanding that until very recently, U.S. Federal guidelines 
PROHIBITED women from being included in clinical studies (they might get 
pregnant, they have hormonal fluctuations, etc, etc) and that therefore 
studies including women were not fundable.  Please correct me if I'm 
wrong-I didn't think this was even questionable.  I think this has  
already been addressed, but I wanted to be sure we are all talking about 
the same thing-we're not talking about clinical trials on mice-we're 
talking about the Framingham Heart Study, and other famous long term 
trials involving people (male only) on which most of modern 
reccomendations on diet, heart disease, etc are based and which until a 
very few years ago, completely excluded women, even though all 
reccommendations were extrapolated to women.

>>If we really are good 
>> scientists, we examine our presuppositions all the time.

>Which is one of the reasons, those of us who are not women in biology 
>read this group regularly.

Yes, and respond regulalry.  I've read Pearse's views on the evils of 
affirmative action, the problems with hiring women in science, and the 
right of professors to sleep with their students, and while I disagree 
with him almost all the time, I always read his posts-and sometimes out 
loud to others in my lab (some men I read them to believe he's not real, 
that he just takes position for kicks because he enjoys conflict, but 
only Pearse can answer that.)  It's good to have someone who takes an 
alternative point of view, as it allows the strand to evolve.  So even 
though I don't agree with you on much of anything, your presence on the 
newsgroup is welcome, at least by me.   
Julia Frugoli
Dartmouth College

presently visiting grad student at
Texas A&M University
Department of Biological Sciences
College Station, TX 77843
FAX 409-847-8805

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