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Is teaching the answer?

Owl bak7683 at rigel.tamu.edu
Sun May 14 19:37:00 EST 1995

In article <DvorakH-1205951353080001 at pinelab.caltech.edu>, DvorakH at starbase1.caltech.edu (Hannah Dvorak) writes...
>In article <3oukg2$n8f at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, larkclaass at aol.com
>(LarkClaass) wrote:
>> It seems to me that my dream job would be teaching at a small college that
>> serves undergrads exclusively. I would like to hear from any women that
>> have such a job.  Here are my questions.
>> 1)  Should I even bother applying for jobs at such institutions without a
>> "job-talk"?  (My post-doc project bombed)
      Well, the school that I interviewed at (and got the job!) wanted me 
to do a mini-lecture on a topic that they picked. No research presentation 
was required. It will vary depending on the facilities that the school 
has, but for the most part that is what I would expect.

>> 2) What is the pay scale?

  This will vary according to your experience, region of the country, and 
funding of the school. The place that has hired me is going to pay 33 K 
per 9-months, with extra summer teaching at $2500 per class. I have been a 
teaching assistant for several years, but that doesn't count. I have only 
one full summer's worth of actual classroom lectures under my belt, or I 
would be starting at a higher scale. This is a private school, by the way. 
I have seen quotes as low as 25 K and as high as 37 K.

>> 3)  Is it the promised land?

  I can't answer this question, since I don't actually start until 
September. This sort of job is the reason that I went to graduate school 
in the first place. I am good at research, but better at teaching.

>I too would be interested in the answers to these questions - please post,
>rather than email.
>- Hannah

Well, there you are. 
  Let me add some more info here. The class load at this place will be 5 
classes a year (2 in Fall, 3 in Spring for my first year). This seems to 
be about the norm from what I have seen.  I interviewed at a community 
college as well. The pay scale there was higher (because of my Ph.D.),
 and it is a partially state-funded operation. The teaching load there was 
4 courses a year. I do not know the norms for community colleges.
I hope that this is all helpful for those of you interested.

Beth Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. (officially in August 1995)

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