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equal pay

Sheryl White slw at med.uvm.edu
Tue Feb 14 13:47:37 EST 1995

Terry Parks (Terry.Parks at launchpad.unc.edu) wrote:
: If you know of any such situation, please present it. If not, then
: stop making things up.

Salaries at public universities (such as this one) are matters of public 
record.  Anyone who wishes to may go to the campus library and find out 
the salary of any member of the staff or faculty.  One can then access 
the NIH records to determine who is receiving funds (at least for NIH 
grants) for their projects.  It is also very easy these days to access 
the C.V.s of faculty of interest, as most departments have set up files 
for the perusal of prospective graduate students, to determine what other 
active funding they have, experience, service, etc... in order to better 
understand their salary levels.  Just out of curiosity I have done so and 
have seen a marked discrepancy between the pay for male versus female 
faculty.  Just because I note a difference in salary amounts which is 
puzzling and unaccounted for hardly makes me a sexist.  Would it be 
simpler for you if I just pretended they were paid equally?
  Although all of this is publicly available, I would not feel right 
about distributing names and salaries as I believe this would be a 
tasteless invasion of privacy.  If you are truly interested, why don't 
YOU do some footwork, figure out how to use gopher and see for yourself 
instead of spending your time spouting inanities.  This isn't made up and 
if you know how to use a keyboard you can easily find the information you 
are seeking.  If you are too lazy to do this, I suggest you should be the 
one to shut up.
: Here's your chance to put up or shut up (not that you'll do either, bigot
: that you are).

You don't know the first thing about me, and just because I answered the 
post of one of your fellow bigots (by the way, Terry, you are what you 
fear the most) does not make me one.  For someone who claims to hate 
bigotry, I would say you are one of the finest examples of a 
non-thinking, shoot-from-your-hip, male bigot that I have ever seen.  
Your inability to understand the posts or make any kind of logical 
argument is pathetic.  If you are our only hope in ridding the world of 
sexism, we are in ALOT of trouble, folks.  I feel no need to "put up" (or 
shut up, for that matter) to this pathetic example of human evolution.  
The information is public domain, turkey, figure out how to access it 
yourself.  If that is beyond you, then stick to your pathetic attempts to 
insult people, that is about all you will ever be able to do.  KNOWLEDGE 
is power.
  By the way, Terry... *PLONK* (figure it out, or do you need help with 
                               this too?)


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