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equal pay

Julia A. Keith Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Thu Feb 2 12:27:41 EST 1995

--Harpo wrote:
My own observation in my line of work has been that women have been less 
interested, overall, to focus on making a lot of money than men. They 
love getting more income, they are just less willing to make the 
sacrifices, stay at work late at night, etc. to make that income. Maybe 
that is because they require a more balanced life for themself, or 
perhaps because they do not look at themselves as the primary 
provider. That is very fine with me - but then they should not 
complain they make less money! 
--- end of quoted material ---
I had to laugh a sick laugh at my being "less willing to stay at work late at
night, etc"-I put in over 70 hours a week, I'm here Saturday, Sunday and most
holidays, and I am the sole support for my family on a grad students salary-all
so I can one day be employed by someone with your attitude!
Do your men with families "make sacrifices" ie-sacrifice relationships and
children?  Or do they have someone at home absorbing the brunt of the sacrifice
so they can reap the benefits?  Perhaps you should reword it that "Many men
have women at home willing to make the sacrifices for them, while many women

As primary (only)provider in my family, your attitude that I would be less
willing to work just because I have two X chromosomes not only hurts my
personal career, it hurts my family.

The census observation that never married women earn more just reinforces the
fact that we often earn less because many of us shoulder all the
responsibilities in a relationship, while most men pull less than half their
weight (of the 30% of men who "help out out home, 90% of them do less than 10%
of the housework, childcare,etc-see November 1994 "Working Woman" magazine. )
This same issue also pointed out that men who are seen as having a "balanced"
life often are penalized in the paycheck too.

I will continue to complain that that US economic system encourages the
breakdown of families by insisting that people who see their children and
partners as people requiring love and commitment and not as acquired things be
financially penalized.  And it's through the pressure of women like us that
this can be changed.

My soapbox,
Julia Keith

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