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PG-III Program

Steve Heller srheller at PROBE.NALUSDA.GOV
Tue Nov 29 13:12:20 EST 1994

29 November, 1994
PERFECT\PG3\PROG-FIN.PG329 November, 1994

                         PG-III Meeting
                       January 15-19, 1995

     (I would appreciate anyone providng me with the missing
titles or e-mail addresses for PG-III speakers and workshop
presenters. Thank you.)

     All the abstracts from the PG-I and PG-II meetings are now
available on the Internet.  Those PG-III abstracts for the main
lectures, the workshops, and the poster papers which have
been accepted (over 300) are now being made available at NAL and
additional abstracts will be posted as they are accepted and
processed by the staff at NAL.  Gopher to "probe.nalusda.gov" or
use a WWW client to view 
     In either case, the abstracts appear on the menu and have
been WAIS indexed for convenient searching. 

     The poster board size presentation space at this meeting is
4 feet (1.22 meters) high by 6 feet (1.83 meters) wide.  Pins
will be available for mounting. All posters should be mounted by
Monday at noon.

     All administrative questions should be addressed to Darrin
Scherago at Scherago International Inc., 11 Penn Plaza, Suite
1003, New York, NY 10001.  Their phone number is 212-643-1750
(FAX number is 212-643-1758) and their Internet e-mail address is
SCHERAGO at BIOTECHNET.COM. Scherago International is the conference
organizer for PG-III.

Location:      Town & Country Hotel
               500 Hotel Circle North
               San Diego, CA 92108

               Phone: 1-619-291-7131 
                 or   1-800-772-8527
               FAX:   1-619-291-3584
          The hotel is about 15-20 minutes northeast of the
airport by taxi or Cloud Nine (formerly called the Super Shuttle)
from the airport.  The Cloud 9 Shuttle costs $7.00, using the
coupons which Scherago has mailed to all registered participants
of PG-III.

     This year the hotel room rate is $70 per night (single or
double occupancy) plus tax.  Please contact the hotel directly
for room reservations.    

     Participants of the PG-III will be given complimentary
parking at the Town & Country hotel.  Ask at the PG-III
registration desk for details.

     There will not be any spouse program at PG-III.

Cost:     $ 300 advance registration up to 1 December 1994
                (Mail must be postmarked by 1 December 1994 to    
                 qualify for the $300 registration fee.)
          $ 350 after 1 December 1994 and on-site in San Diego
          $ 100 Student (Pre-Ph.D) Registration
               (Requires a letter of certification from your 
                    department chairperson.)

     All payments MUST be in US dollars, either by a check drawn
on a US bank or by a wire transfer to:

          Chemical Bank
          640 Fifth Avenue
          New York, NY 10019 USA

          ABA# 021-000-128
          Account # 020-047-851
          Account Name:  Scherago International - Plant Genome

     (All registrations include one copy of the conference
abstracts, Monday-Thursday continental breakfasts, Sunday evening
opening reception, Monday evening Wine & Cheese Reception, and
Wednesday evening dinner.)


     United Airlines is the official conference airline.  For
details on conference airfare discounts in the USA, please call
United Airlines at 1-800-521-4041. Outside the USA please call
your local United Airlines office.  The PG-III conference code
is: 577YA.

PG-III Meeting 
January 15-19, 1995

PG-III Co-Chairpersons:

               Stephen Heller, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (SRHELLER at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

               Jerome Miksche, USDA/ARS, Beltsville, MD, USA
                    (JMIKSCHE at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

               Michael Gale,  John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
                    (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)

               Susan McCouch, IRRI, Philippines

                     Conference Co-sponsors:

           USDA, ARS                         USDA, NAL
                      Rockefeller Foundation            
     International Society for Plant Molecular Biology (ISPMB)
               USDA, NRI Competitive Grants Office
                        John Innes Centre

Student Travel Grants

     The ISPMB is again sponsoring four student travel grant
awards.  The four awardees are:

            1. Molly Cadle (Washington State University)
                (CADLE at WSUVML.CSC.WSU.EDU)
            2. James Kijas (Flinders University of 
                            South Australia)
                 (BIJCF at CC.FLINDERS.EDU.AU)
            3. Long Mao (Institute of Genetics, Beijing)
                 (MAO at BBSRC.AC.UK)
            4. Vijaya Sundararaman (University of Illinois)
                  (VPSG8359 at UXA.CSO.UIUC.EDU)

Computer Room Demos

     There will be computer system demos available all week in
the "computer room" which is appended to the area where the 
exhibits, coffee breaks, and posters are located. 

Computer Room Organizers: 

      Mike Cherry, Stanford                                      

                   (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)
      Dave Matthews, Cornell 
      Brad Sherman, USDA/FS
                   (BKS at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

     Please contact any of the above three people should you wish
to demo any computer system and/or present an "electronic" poster
during the meeting.  Electronic posters will still require a
"normal", printed abstract, which can be obtained from Scherago


     9:00 am - 6:00 pm -  International Consortium for Sugar Cane 
                          Biotechnology  (California Room)

     Organized by:  James Irvine, Texas A&M
                        (J-IRVINE at TAMU.EDU)

     AM - Reporting Session Speakers:

                    R. Anderson, Brigham Young University
                    "RAPD Map of Interspecific Progeny 
                      of Saccharum officinarum x S. robustum""
                    (E-mail: ????)

                    Frederik Botha, SASEX 
                    "The Molecular Biology Program
                     of the South African Sugar
                     Experimental Station "
                    (BOTHAF at BIOLOGY.UND.AC.ZA)

                    W. Burnquist, Copersucar, Brazil
                    " The Molecular Markers for Sugar
                     Content in Progeny of an Intergeneric        
                     Cross "
                    (CTFT-WILLIAM at AZUL.CTC.COM.BR)

                    B. Carroll, University of Queensland
                    "The Potential of AFLP's in Saturating
                      Portions of the Sugarcane Genomic Map"
                    (CARROLL at MAILBOX.UQ.OZ.AU)

                    C. Cassalett, Cenicana, Columbia
                    "Selecting Sugarcane Populations 
                     for Molecular Mapping"
                    (E-mail: ????)

                    M. Gallo-Meagher
                    "Transformation of a Commercial
                     Sugarcane Variety with ubi-bar"

                    P. Moore, USDA, Hawaii
                    "Sucrose Synthase and Molecular Physiology"
                    (E-mail: ????)

                    Andrew Paterson, Texas A&M
                    "Sugar and other QTL's in Progeny of 
                     Saccharum officinarum x S. spontaneum"
                    (AHP2343 at BIOCH.TAMU.EDU)

                    Garry Smith, USDA/ARS, Fargo
                    "The USDA Biotechnology Granting Program" 
                    (E-mail: ????)

                    B. Sobral, Cal. Inst. Bio. Res., La Jolla
                    "BSA's in Segregating Progeny of
                     S. officinarum and S. robustum"
                    (E-mail: ????)

                    Rod Wing, Texas A&M
                    "The Potential of Map-Based 
                     Cloning in Sugarcane"
                    (RODWING at TAMSUN.TAMU.EDU)

     PM - Business Session: J. E. Irvine, Executive Secretary

     Noon      -   7:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     Afternoon - Computer Tools & Resources
                    (Council/Cabinet Rooms)
                    1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

     Organized by:  Mike Cherry, Stanford University
                    (CHERRY at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU)

                    Doug Bigwood, NAL
                    "Gluing Genome Data Together
                    via the World Wide Web"
                    (DBIGWOOD at LOCUS.NALUSDA.GOV)

                    Mary Anderson, Nottingham University 
                    "Electronic Publishing of Arabidopsis        

                    (PLZMLH at VAX.CCC.NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK)

                    Tom Slezak, Lawrence Livermore National Lab 
                    "Integrating Diverse Physical Mapping Data"
                    (SLEZAK at LLNL.GOV)

                    Leland Ellis, Texas A&M 
                    "Software Tools for Navigating 
                    Internet Databases"
                    (LELAND at STRAYLIGHT.TAMU.EDU)

                    Edie Paul, Cornell            
                    "Plant Genome Databases from 
                     the USDA: SolGenes and RiceGenes
                     as Examples"
                    (EPAUL at NIGHTSHADE.CIT.CORNELL.EDU)

                    Ernest Retzel, University of Minnesota 
                    "The Arabidopsis cDNA Project:
                     Blind Analysis of Anonymous EST Sequences"
                    (ERNEST at LENTI.MED.UMN.EDU)
                    Francis Ouelette, NCBI
                    "NCBI: GenBanK, ENTREZ, BLAST, 
                     and Other Services"
                     (FRANCIS at NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV)

                    Carol Bult, TIGR
                    "The Expressed Gene Anatomy (EGAD) and        
                     Sequences, Sources, Taxa (SST) Databases:
                      Models for Interoperability Among          

                      Biological Databases"
                    (BULT at TIGR.ORG )
                     Will Gilbert, University of New Hampshire 
                    "Wide Area Genomic Information"
                    (GILBERT at UNH.EDU)

                    Steven Knapp, Oregon State University 
                    Title: to be announced 
                    (SKNAPP at HELIX.OSCS.ORST.EDU )

                    Piet Stam
                    "Genetic Mapping Software: JoinMap 2.0 Covers

                     All Types of Mapping Populations 
                     and Marker Types" 
                    (PIET.STAM at USERS.PV.WAU.NL)

     Evening -   Welcome Reception, Atlas Foyer
                   Sponsored by Scherago International
                    7:00 pm -  9:00 pm


     7:00 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:00 am  -  8:00 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

     8:00 am  -  8:15 am    Opening of PG-III 
                            (California Room)
                            Stephen Heller, USDA/ARS              
                          (SRHELLER at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV)

  Session #1  -  Comparative Genetic Mapping

                    Chairperson: Keith Russell, USDA/NAL
                             (KRUSSELL at NALUSDA.GOV)

     8:15 am  -  9:15 am    Plenary Lecture - Craig Venter , TIGR
                            "The Human Gene Anatomy Project:
                             Gene Discovery and Expression
                             Based Upon 52 Million Base Pairs 
                             of cDNA Sequences"
                             (JCVENTER at TIGR.ORG)

     9:15 am  -  9:45 am    Tim Helentjaris, Pioneer Hybrid       
                           "Lessons on Genome Structure in Maize 
                            from Analysis of Randomly-Chosen      
                            (HELENTJART at PHIBRED.COM)

     9:45 am  - 10:15 am    Nevin Young, University of Minnesota
                            "Genome Mapping in Legumes: Insights  
                             into Molecular Evolution, Gene       
                             Mapping, and Positional Cloning"
                            (NEVINY at PUCCINI.CRL.UMN.EDU)

     9:30 am  -  4:30 pm    Exhibits Open (Atlas Ballroom)

    10:15 am  - 11:15 am    Coffee/Tea Break (Atlas Ballroom)

    11:15 am  - 11:45 am    Susan Brown and Norman Weeden,        
                              Cornell University
                            "Genome Mapping in Apple (Malus)"
                             (SBK3 at CORNELL.EDU)
                       (NORMAN_WEEDEN at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)

    11:45 am  - 12:15 pm    Katrien Devos, John Innes
                            "Wheat Genetics and its 
                             Contribution to Comparative
                             Grass Genome Analysis"
                             (DEVOS at BBSRC.AC.UK)

    12:15 pm  -  1:30 pm    Lunch 

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters - Odd Numbered,
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos
                             (Atlas Ballroom) 

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

  Session #2  -  Comparative Genetic Mapping (continued)

                    Chairperson:  Jeff Bennetzen, Purdue
                           (MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)

     3:30 pm  -  4:00 pm    Mark Sorrells, Cornell 
                               "Comparative Mapping 
                             of the Gramineae Family"
                       (MARK_SORRELLS at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)

     4:00 pm  -  4:30 pm    Noel Ellis, John Innes
                            "The Pea Nuclear Genome:
                             Implications for Comparative
                             Genome Analysis in Legumes"
                             (ELLISN at BBSRC.AC.UK)

     4:30 pm  -  5:00 pm    Andrew Paterson, Texas A&M
                            "Comparative Organization and        

                                Evolution of Plant Chromosomes"
                             (AHP2343 at BIOCH.TAMU.EDU)

     6:00 pm  -  8:00 pm    Wine & Cheese Reception
                            (Atlas Foyer)
                            Sponsored by Perkin-Elmer


     7:00 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:00 am  -  8:00 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

  Session #3  - Isolation and Transformation of Agriculturally 
                    Important Genes (California Room)

                    Chairperson: Ron Phillips, 
                                 University of Minnesota
                            (PHILL005 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU)

     8:00 am  -  9:00 am    Plenary Lecture - 
                               Steve Tanksley, Cornell University
                            "Impact of Genome 
                             Research on Plant Breeding"

     9:00 am  -  9:30 am    Paul Christou, John Innes
                             "Genetic Transformation in the       
                              Context of Plant Genome Research"
                             (CHRISTOU at BBSRC.AC.UK)    

     9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Peggy Lemaux, UC- Berkeley
                             "Molecular Breeding of 
                                    Barley-A Beginning" 
                             (LEMAUXPG at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU)

    10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break (Atlas Ballroom)

     9:30 am  -  4:30 pm    Exhibits Open (Atlas Ballroom)

    11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Jim Peacock, CSIRO
                            "Genes Controlling Breeding 
                              Systems of Crop Plants"
                            (JPEACOCK at PICAN.PI.CSIRO.AU)

    11:30 pm  - 12:00 pm    Marc van Montagu, University of Ghent
                            "Isolation of Agriculturally Genes    
                            Through the Study of Oxidative 
                             Stress Response in Arabidopsis"
                             (ARUYT at GENGENP.RUG.AC.BE)

    12:00 pm  -  1:30 pm    Lunch

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters - Even Numbered,
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos
                             (Atlas Ballroom) 

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

     3:30 pm  -  6:00 pm    Workshops

                            1. Pine Tree Workshop - Part I 
                               Organized by Dave Neale, USDA/FS
                                    (DBN at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)
                                  (California Room)


                                 1. Steve Strauss, Oregon State
                                    "Organelle Genomes in         
                                    Conifers: Structure,
                                     Evolution, and Diversity"
                                    (STRAUSS at FSL.ORST.EDU)

                                 2. Toby Bradshaw, 
                                     University of Washington
                                    "QTL Mapping in Interspecific

                                     Hybrids of Forest Trees"

                                    (TOBY at U.WASHINGTON.EDU)

                                 3. David Neale, USDA/FS
                                    "Mapping and Sequencing
                                     of the Pine Genome" 
                                    (DBN at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

                                 4. David O'Malley
                                    "Integrated RAPD-Protein
                                     Genomic Map of Maritime Pine
                                     (Pinus pinaster Ait.)"
                                    (DAVIDO at UNITY.NCSU.EDU)

                                 5. Warren Nance
                                "The Integration of Molecular
                                 Genetics with Traditional 
                                 Forest Pathology Promises to     
                                 Accelerate Research in Forest    
                                 Tree Diseases" 
                                    (WARREN at DELPHI.COM)

                                 6. John Davis, 
                                    University of Florida
                                   "Antisense 'Mutagenesis':
                                    An Approach to Study Gene
                                    Function in Forest Trees"
                                    (JMD at NERVM.NERDC.EFL.EDU)

                            2. Rice Workshop
                                (Council Room)

                                Organized by:
                                Nori Kurata, NIAR
                                (KURATA at ABR.AFFRC.GO.JP)


                                Susan McCouch, Cornell


                                Guo-Fan Hong, 
                                  Chinese Academy of Sciences
                                 (No E-Mail)

                                Speakers to be announced

                            3. BIOSCI Workshop
                               (Forum Room)

                               Organized by:
                                Dave Kristofferson,
                               "Biology on the 'Information 
                                Superhighway' - Not just
                                another Roadkill"
                                (KRISTOFF at NET.BIO.NET)

                            4. Mapping and Sequencing of          
                              the Arabidopsis Genome Workshop
                                 (Cabinet Room)
                               Organized by:

                                Caroline Dean, John Innes
                               (ARABIDOPSIS at BBSRC.AC.UK)

    3:30 pm - 3:45 pm          Renate Schmidt, John Innes
                                "Physical Mapping on 
                                 Chromosomes 4 and 5"
                               (SCHMIDT at BBSRC.AC.UK)

   3:50 pm - 4:05 pm           Bertrand Lemieux, York University
                                "Mapping YAC clones with EST's"
                                (FS300500 at SOL.YORK.CA) ????

   4:10 pm - 4:25 pm           Ron Davis, Stanford University
                                "CAPS Markers" 
                                (E-Mail: None)

   4:30 pm - 4:45 pm           Tom Newman, Michigan State
                                "Generation and Analysis of EST   
                               (22313TCN at IBM.CL.MSU.EDU)

   4:50 pm - 5:00 pm           Coffee/Tea Soda Break

   5:00 pm - 5:15 pm           Howard Goodman, 
                                 Massachusetts General Hospital
                                "Multiplex Sequencing"
                                (GOODMAN at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU)

   5:20 pm - 5:35 pm           George Murphy, John Innes
                                "Genomic Sequencing on 
                                 Chromosome 4"
                                (MURPHY at BBSRC.AC.UK)

   5:40 pm - 6:00 pm           Discussion

                            5. Barley Workshop
                                (Chamber Room)
                               Organized by: 
                               Patrick Hayes, Oregon State
                                (HAYESP at CSS.ORST.EDU)


                                 1.  Wayne Powell
                                 Scottish Crop Research Institute
                                    "Exploitation of PCR-Based    
                                     Assays in Barley Genome     
                                    (W.POWELL at SCRI.SARI.AC.UK)

                                 2.  M. A. Saghai Maroof
                                     "Update on North American
                                      Barley Mapping Project"
                                    (SMAROOF at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU)

                                 3.  Andreas Graner, 
                                Institute for Resistance Genetics
                                    "RFLP Map Development and     
                                    Mapping of Disease            
                                   Resistance Genes in Barley"
                                    (E-Mail: ???)

                                 4.  Henriette Giese,
                                   Riso National Laboratory
                                    "Nordic Barley Mapping"
                                    (H.GEISE at RISOE.DK)

                                 5.  Ahmed Jahoor, 
                               Technical University - Munich
                                   Title: TBA
                               (JAHOOR at PBZ.AGRAR.TU-MUENCHEN.DE)

                                 6.  Takeo Konishi, 
                                    Kyushu University
                                     Title: TBA
                                    (E-Mail: ???)

     7:30 pm  - 10:00 pm    Open Cash Bar (Atlas Foyer)
                                  & Workshops

                            1. Pine Tree Workshop - Part II 
                                (California Room)

                               Organized by: 
                                Dave Neale, USDA/FS
                                (DBN at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV)

                               Speakers - See above

                            2. Grass Genome Integration Workshop
                                 (Council Room)

                                 Organized by : 
                                Jeffery Bennetzen, Purdue 
                                (MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)
                                  Michael Gale, John Innes
                                (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)

                               Michael Gale, John Innes
                                (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)
                                "Progress and Components of the
                                International Grass Genome        

                               Jeffery Bennetzen, Purdue
                           (MAIZE at BILBO.BIO.PURDUE.EDU)
                                "Parallel Walks and Physical      
                                Maps in the Cereals"

                               Michael Lee, Iowa State
                                "Evidence for Conserved QTL's in  
                                Maize and Sorghum"
                              (MLEE at IASTATE.EDU)

                               Samuel Cartinhour, USDA/NAL
                            (SCARTINH at VECTOR.NALUSDA.GOV
                                "Grass Genome Databases and       
                                Their Integration"

                               Submitted papers to be announced
                               Open Discussion on Grass Genome    

                            3. Nomenclature Workshop
                                 (Chamber Room)

                                Organized by: 
                                Carl Price, Rutgers
                                (PRICE at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)


                                 Ellen Reardon, ISPMB
                                (REARDON at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)

                  1.  Background: 
                         Carl Price, Rutgers
                       (PRICE at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)

                  2.  Structure of Nomenclature: 
                         Ellen Reardon, ISPMB
                       (REARDON at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU)
                        "Nomenclature of Sequenced Plant Genes:
                         Structure, Organization, and Challenges  
                         in Constructing, Marketing, and
                         Communicating the Databases 
                         Encompassing Them"

                  3.  Databases, Electronic Communications:       
                        David Lonsdale, John Innes
                        (LONSDALE at BBSRC.AC.UK)

                  4.  Working Groups: 
                         Brian Smith-White, MSU
                        (SMITHWHI at STUDENT.MSU.EDU)

                  5.  Transmission to scientific public: 
                         Doug Bigwood, NAL
                        (DBIGWOOD at NALUSDA.GOV)

                            4. Tree Fruit Workshop
                                 (Cabinet Room)

                                Organized by:
                                Sriyani Rajapakse, Clemson


                                 1. Norman Weeden, Cornell
                                  "Apple Mapping: Progress 
                                   and Goals"
                       (NORMAN_WEEDEN at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)
                                 2. Albert G. Abbott, Clemson
                                   "Chromosome Mapping in Peach"
                           (ALBERT_ABBOTT at QUICKMAIL.CLEMSON.EDU)

                                 3. Pere Arus, IRTA
                                   "The European Prunus 
                                      Mapping Project"
                                   (ARUS at SC.IRTA.ES)
                                 4. Fred G. Gmitter, Jr.
                                   "Genome Mapping of Citrus"    

                                   (FGG at GNV.IFAS.USL.EDU)

                                 5. Amy Iezzoni,
                                Michigan State University
                              "Strategies for Mapping Sour 
                                Cherries (Prinus Cerasus), 
                                A Segmental Alloteraploid"
                                   (19941AFI at MSU.EDU)

                                 6. Luciana Baldoni 
                                Instito di Ricerche sull         
                                    Olivicoltura - CNR
                                "Mapping the Olive Genome"
                            (FLORISA at KENOBY.IRPI.UNIPG.IT)

                            5. BIOSCI Workshop
                                 (Forum Room)

                            (Repeat of Tuesday afternoon session)
                               Organized by:
                               Dave Kristofferson,               


                               "Biology on the 'Information 
                                Superhighway' - Not just
                                another Roadkill"
                                (KRISTOFF at NET.BIO.NET)


     7:00 am -   5:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:00 am  -  8:00 am    Continental Breakfast - Atlas Foyer

  Session #4  -  Instrumentation/Technology
                       (California Room)

                    Chairperson: Chong-zhi Zheng, SIOC
                                  (CZZ at XTRN.ORG)

     8:00 am  -  9:00 am    Plenary Lecture
                            Bob Cotter, John Hopkins              
                           "Sequencing by Time-of-Flight 
                                 Mass Spectrometry"
                               (MAMSLAB at AOL.COM)

     9:00 am  -  9:30 am    Scott Tingey, Dupont
                             "Automation Technology for
                              Plant Genetic Diagnostics"
                             (TINGEYSV at ESVAX.DNET.DUPONT.COM)

     9:30 am  - 10:00 am    Richard Mathies, UC - Berkeley
                              "Capillary Array Electrophoresis:
                               A New Method for High-Speed,
                               High-Throughput DNA Sequencing
                               and Fragment Sizing"
                              (RICH at ZINC.CCHEM.BERKELEY.EDU)

    10:00 am  - 11:00 am    Coffee/Tea Break    
                              (Atlas Ballroom)

     9:30 am  -  4:30 pm    Exhibits Open
                              (Atlas Ballroom)

Session # 5  Applications of cDNA Research
                     (California Room)

                            Chairperson: Leland Ellis, Texas A&M
                             (LELAND at STRAYLIGHT.TAMU.EDU)

    11:00 am  - 11:30 am    Michel Delseny, CNRS
                            "The Arabidopsis cDNA Sequencing 
                             Programme: Impact and Applications"
                             (DELSENY at UNIV-PERP.FR)

    11:30 pm  - 12:30 pm    Takuji Sasaki, NIAR
                             "Impact of cDNA Research on the 
                              Rice Genome Research Program"
                           (TSASAKI at ABR.AFFRC.GO.JP)

    12:30 pm  -  1:30 pm    Lunch

     1:30 pm  -  3:30 pm    Posters - Odd Numbered, 
                            Exhibits & Computer Demos
                               (Atlas Ballroom)

                            Coffee/Soda will be available
                              from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

     3:30 pm  -  6:00 pm    Workshops

                        1. Maize Workshop:  
                              (California Room)

                           Reporting and Using QTL Data 
                           Organized by:  
                           Patrick Byrne, USDA/ARS
                           (BYRNE at TEOSINTE.AGRON.MISSOURI.EDU) 

                   Dave Hoisington
                   "Display and use of Quantitative 
                    Trait Loci in Maize - Examples from
                    Mapping and Selection Efforts in 
                    Tropical Maize at CIMMYT"
                   (DHOISINGTON at ALPHAC.CIMMYT.MX)
                   Mathilde Causse
                   (CAUSSE at MOULON.INRA.FR)
                   Steve Knapp, Oregon State
                   (SKNAPP at HELIX.OSCS.ORST.EDU)

                   Clare Nelson, Cornell
                   "Molecular Mapping of Hexaploid Wheat:
                    Alignment with the Classical Map, 
                    Ancestral Rearrangements, and Homoeology 
                    with other Grass Genomes"
                   (JCN5 at CORNELL.EDU)

                   Patrick Byrne, USDA/ARS
                   "Accessing QTL Data in the Maize Genome"
                   (BYRNE at TEOSINTE.AGRON.MISSOURI.EDU) 

                   Ed Coe, USDA/ARS
                   (ED at TEOSINTE.AGRON.MISSOURI.EDU)

                   Jeanne Romero-Severson, Mycogen Plant Sciences
                   "The Effective use of Surrogate Genotypes:
                    Realized Gain from Selection in a
                    Marker-Assisted Backcrossing Program in       
                   (AGRIMAD!ROMEROS at UUNET.UU.NET)

                            2. Legumes Workshop
                                (Chamber Room)

                               Organized by: 
                               Randy Shoemaker, USDA/ARS
                               (RCSSHOE at IASTATE.EDU)
     3:30 pm  -  3:40 pm      Introduction and Review 

     3:40 pm  -  4:00 pm      Norm Weeden, Cornell
                              "Legume Systematics and 
                               Comparative Mapping"              

                       (NORMAN_WEEDEN at QMRELAY.MAIL.CORNELL.EDU)

     4:00 pm  -  4:20 pm      Peter Gresshoff,
                               University of Tennessee
                              "YACs in Soybean" 
                               (E-Mail ????)

     4:20 pm  -  4:40 pm      Paul Keim,
                               Northern Arizona University 
                              "Physical Analysis of 
                               Soybean and Common Bean
                               Using in situ Hybridization" 
                               (KEIM at NAUVAX.UCC.NAU.EDU)

     4:40 pm  -  5:00 pm      Sally Mackenzie, Purdue
                              "Identifying Nuclear
                               Genes that Regulate Plant
                               Mitochondrial Functions" 
                               (SMACKENZIE at DEPT.
     5:00 pm  -  5:20 pm      Gary Kochert, University of Georgia
                              "Mapping in Peanut and Soybean" 
                               (KOCHERT at DOGWOOD.BOTANY.UGA.EDU)

     5:20 pm  -  5:40 pm      Gail Timmerman-Vaughan,
                               New Zealand Institute for 
                                Crop & Food Research Ltd.
                              "QTL Mapping Seed Traits in Pea" 
                               (TIMMERMAN at CROP.CRI.NZ)
     5:40 pm  -  6:00 pm      Discussion and Wrap-up   
                              "The Legume Genome Database" 

                           3. ITMI Workshop
                                (Cabinet Room)
                               Organized by:
                                Calvin Qualset, UC-Davis
                                 (ITMI at UCDAVIS.EDU),

                                 Olin Anderson,USDA/ARS
                                 (OANDERSON at PW.USDA.GOV),

                                 Pat McGuire, UC-Davis
                                 (GRCP at UCDAVIS.EDU),


                                 Michael Gale, 
                                     John Innes
                                 (JEFFERY at BBSRC.AC.UK)

                              This workshop will be devoted to
                              discussing relevant issues in the 
                              mapping of wheat and relatives.

                            4. Tagging Genes for 
                                Abiotic Stress Workshop
                                  (Forum Room)

                                Organized by : 
                                 Henry Nguyen, Texas Tech
                                 (BWLAB at TTACS1.TTU.EDU)

                                 1. Laura Oberthur
                                  "Molecular Mapping of Winter    
                                   Hardiness in Barley"
                                 (BLAKE at HORDEUM.OSCS.MONTANA.EDU)

                                 2. Jean Marcel
                                 (DHOISINGTON at ALPHAC.CIMMYT.MX)

                                 3. Wenwei Xu
                                    "Major QTL's for
                                     Post-Flowering Drought
                                     Resistance in Grain Sorghum"
                                    (BWWXU at TTACS.TTU.EDU)

                                 4. Charles Stuber
                                    "QTL Mapping in Maize 
                                     Under Varying 
                                     Environmental Conditions"
                                    (CSTUBER at NCSU.EDU)

                                 5. Dominque de Vienne
                                    (CAUSSE at MOULON.INRA.FR)

                                 6. Gan-Yuan Zhong

                                    "Genetic Regulation of the 
                                    Accumulation of the           
                                    Stress-Induced (ESI) MRNAS of
                                    Lophopyrum Elongatum Genes 
                                    Investigated with L.          
                                    Elongatum-Triticum Aestivum 
                                    Disomic Addition Lines"
                                    (PEMCGUIRE at UCDAVIS.EDU)

                            5. Cotton Workshop
                                (Senate Room)

                                Organized by:
                                 Andrew Paterson, Texas A&M
                                 (AHP2343 at BIOCH.TAMU.EDU)

                                This will be an informal workshop 
                               with no scheduled speakers.

     7:00 pm  -  9:00 pm    Conference Dinner
                             (Presidio Ballroom)

                            Sponsored by Scherago International


     7:00 am -   4:00 pm    Registration in the Atlas Foyer

     7:00 am  -  8:00 am    Continental

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