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Emily Beth Merkin emerkin at itsmail1.hamilton.edu
Wed Nov 2 14:34:30 EST 1994

In article <johnsonk.783211707 at spot.Colorado.EDU>,
johnsonk at spot.Colorado.EDU (JOHNSON KRISTINE KAY) wrote:

> Esiobu at bota.ucl.ac.be (Diuto Esiobu) writes:
> >Hello ,
> >This is my first contact with this newsgroup .
> >I am curious to know why and who thought of a women-in-biology newsgroup
> >without a parallel one for the men .Well ,I 'm not complaining; if anything
> >very glad someone did and do have a lot on my mind to discuss, hoping to
> >learn from older women in biology how they coped with
> >child-bearing,maternity leaves,toddlers and pending research projects whose
> >sponsors require a report within XY date.Or even coping with the incredible
> >speed of technological advancement.
> I think the reason is simply that if men want a group, they can
> start one themselves; this group did not come from the heavens.
> A group of women decided they wanted a group like this, probably
> to discuss the very issues that you raised in your post, which
> men don't seem to have to worry about.  Also, there is still a lot
> of sexism in science, and sometimes, it can be nice to chat with
> just women.
> KK Johnson

***This too is my first contact with the newsgroup, but I find it quite
obvious why there is such a group...women consistantly have been steered
away from the sciences until the last few years, yet I even find this at
the collegiate level at times.  A support network for women in sciences is
a valuable resource.  As for a Men In Biology newsgroup...well, the
majority of biologists are most likely men, so that shouldn't be too
            Emily Beth Merkin at emerkin at hamilton.edu

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