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Cathy Quinones quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Sun Jul 17 21:25:07 EST 1994

In article <forsburg-1707941118300001 at mac244.salk.edu> forsburg at sc2.salk.edu (SLF) writes:
>In article <3073gk$3cu at bbs.pnl.gov>, ca_mcallister at pnl.gov (Chrissy
>McAllister) wrote:
>> On a somewhat related note, I have noticed and interesting trend when I post
>>  questions to any scientific group on the net.  If I sign a "feminine" version
>> of my name (e.g. Chrissy, Christine), the responses I get are primarily short,
>> rude, and condescending.  If I sign "Chris," leaving my gender open to
>> question, I get much more detailed and helpful responses.  That's just been
>> *my* experience, though.  Anyone else? 
>> Chrissy McAllister
>> Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab
>> ca_mcallister at pnl.gov
>I used to post to this group quite frequently (also in those days I had
>more time) but I found that the email flames I got made the effort a
>negative experience;  these came largely from men suggesting that if only
>we behaved more like they do, we'd be better off.  That's the most
>striking example I've seen of gender bias on the net...unfortunately, my
>name is not ambigous enough to prevent this.  Certainly I've gotten
>condescending replies from posts elsewhere on bionet but I felt that
>reflected more on the arrogance of the sender than upon my name.

Hmmm, after Chrissy's post I thought about this and I don't think my name
(as it appears in the header) has gotten me any undeserved flames, in
spite of posting in less-than-friendly groups.  But I do admit that I read
and re-read my posts carefully before I send them, and whenever it is possible
I used gender-neutral language, and I refrain from turning discussions into
gender battles (however tempting the offer :).  Condescending posts, like
stated above, come from all sources, and I agree have more to do with the
writer's general attitude of (perceived) superiority than anything else.  
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