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SLF forsburg at sc2.salk.edu
Sun Jul 17 13:15:45 EST 1994

In article <3073gk$3cu at bbs.pnl.gov>, ca_mcallister at pnl.gov (Chrissy
McAllister) wrote:

> On a somewhat related note, I have noticed and interesting trend when I post
>  questions to any scientific group on the net.  If I sign a "feminine" version
> of my name (e.g. Chrissy, Christine), the responses I get are primarily short,
> rude, and condescending.  If I sign "Chris," leaving my gender open to
> question, I get much more detailed and helpful responses.  That's just been
> *my* experience, though.  Anyone else? 
> Chrissy McAllister
> Battelle Pacific Northwest Lab
> ca_mcallister at pnl.gov

I used to post to this group quite frequently (also in those days I had
more time) but I found that the email flames I got made the effort a
negative experience;  these came largely from men suggesting that if only
we behaved more like they do, we'd be better off.  That's the most
striking example I've seen of gender bias on the net...unfortunately, my
name is not ambigous enough to prevent this.  Certainly I've gotten
condescending replies from posts elsewhere on bionet but I felt that
reflected more on the arrogance of the sender than upon my name.


forsburg at sc2.salk.edu
    formerly forsburg at molbiol.ox.ac.uk

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