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pornography on the computers

Karen Kroslowitz kroz at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org
Mon Jan 31 19:46:58 EST 1994

On 31 Jan 1994, doc wrote:

> Karen Kroslowitz <kroz at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org> writes:
> [snip, snip]
> >Why can't a resolution simply be "no pornography or sex-related pictures,
> >newsgroups, or other media is to be allowed on the computers"?
> >Just because one person has done something wrong or morally incorrect, it
> >does not mean the entire community must be punished for it.
(stuff deleted)> 
> My suggestions are, then, two-fold:
> 1) First, the person who has, in your judgement, "done something
> wrong or morally incorrect", should be told that. By YOU. He has
> the option, then, of feeling abashed enough to cease. This seems
> to me to be the optimal solution, if it works.
Agreed this is the optimal solution, but I'm not talking about *my*
optimal solution. I've only offered a solution to Tonya.. since she seemed
to be (almost) asking permission for, but certainly some encouragement to
go to her supervisor. Not everyone handles simiar situations the same way.
If that were true, couples would never argue and child would do as they
were told.

> 2) If it doesn't, if after your complaint he continues doing this
> wrong/morally incorrect thing, ask your computer manager to issue
> a policy like the above: remove the group from the server, and
> inform all users that anyone using the equipment to view pornographic
> images will have his or her computer privileges revoked, be thrown
> out of the project, whatever punishment seems appropriate. That way,
> if he looks at images again, it'll be the last time. This is a pretty
> coercive solution, but sometimes you gotta hit people over the head
> with a two by four to get their attention.
Now look who's talking about severe treatment. You give me grief over
suggesting that she talk to her supervisor because 1) she may be more
comfortable with him/her, 2) because she may not be up to a direct
conflict with "the bozo" and 3) maybe to see some real action where the
whole lab stops what *she* considers offensive. *You* scold *me* because
in another message *you* fantasize that when she talks to her supervisor
"the bozo" winds up jobless, penniless and on the streets, when in fact
the whole situation could have been avoided if she had only spoken to "the
bozo" like any nice person would. And yet now *you* want to not only
revoke all his computer privileges, and other staff's as well, but you
want to have him removed from the project (which is pretty much the same
as getting fired) AND bonk him over the head with a two by four????
Didn't *I* say to just eliminate the pornography use? "Feh" Josh, but
you're good at twisting people's words and thoughts!

> Just my opinion. The latter option is what has been done here (of
> course, with a zillion undergraduates using the computers, it
> pretty much was the ONLY possible solution), and it seems to have
> eliminated the problem.
Yes, and let's keep it your opinion. Anything that I have offered has been
entirely with Tonya in mind. She brought up the topic, and as most women
do, we offer ears and support and sometimes good advice. Unlike men who
(in general - if you disagree read "Men are from Mars, Women are from
Venus") offer solutions and form opinions while others are still talking
and attempting to make their point understood.

Kroz at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org

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