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married/in grad school w/children

Paul Barton-Davis pauld at cs.washington.edu
Wed Aug 17 20:07:35 EST 1994

In article <32tobc$18a at tierra.santafe.ede> cheryl at wijiji.santafe.edu (C. A. Stewart) writes:

>of three who was banging her boss on "scientific expeditions" to northern

>you'll find two, at least one of them married to or banging some fatcat.) 

>writing proposals that her s-head faculty boyfriend took all the credit

>This is the kind of advice from senior women you get in Geophysics.
>The ones that survive.  I'm sorry, I quite frankly think that by
>and large they're no better whores, and to hell with them.  

>Academics are pathetic little hypocrites, philistines, 
>liars and whores.  A real petty, venal bunch.  You'll find out.

>Assholes are everywhere. In fact everybody's got one.  It's just that 
>in academics, the stakes are so low.  It's just sad.  These people aren't
>the best and the brightest.  They're the kiss-ass mamma's boys (and girls)
>who couldn't get jobs in the real world if they tried.  You'll find out.

>Of course not.  Just rest assured that if they can't nail you on performance 
>issues, one of them will try to nail you anyway.  

>The whole purpose of universitys handling sexual harassment
>complaints internally is to buy them time to squash the

As it happens, I come equipped with a penis and a larger dose of
several hormones than some of the readers and posters in this group.
When I first read Cheryl's account of what happened to her at NYU, I
was disgusted with the whole sordid way in which she was treated, and
very concerned that the just and honorable thing happen to those
involved in what she described. I *want* sexual harassment to cease,
and I *want* the people who perpetrate it to be prosecuted and made
responsible for their behaviour. However I would also *like* people
who are still justifiably emotional about the events in their life to
avoid dumping all their angst onto a newsgroup. After I plough through
the anger, the swearing, the libel, the endless abuse and ranting and
raving in her subsequent posts, its getting harder and harder to care

Dr. Stewart, you have an impressive and admirable resume. Don't spoil
our impressions of you further by continuing with the spleen-venting
that you demonstrate in the quotes above. Let us know what happens in
your court case, and I hope that perhaps the SFI is a place where you
will not find sexual harassment all around you.

-- paul

We are joy. We are light. We are darkness and we are night. We are hands and
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