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Other interests in grad school

"Tammy" L. Roust troust at lust.ugcs.caltech.edu
Mon Aug 15 00:12:08 EST 1994

In article <CuJx3z.D43 at world.std.com>,
Lisa A. Megna <megna at world.std.com> wrote:
>In sort of a followup to the thread about having a life outside of the 
>lab...I will hopefully be entering a PhD program in Molecular Biology
>in Fall 1995.  One of my undergrad majors was Russian and I spent the
>last year studying in Russia and I have a strong desire to continue
>my study of Russian while in graduate school.  How responsive are
>graduate schools to students taking courses outside of their disciplines?

	I think UCLA requires you too, but this is unconfirmed.  One thing
I do know, they have separate courses for graduate courses.  You can
take the same courses, but with graduate students.  I'm thinking of
Russian myself, and my husband is starting Russian this year at Caltech.
	Okay, now I remember.  By the time you get your degree, you must
have at least one year of a "scientific language".  This is defined by
the neuroscience dept as being German, French, Russian, or Japanese.  
Of course, if you already speak one of those languages, you have two 
options - 1) you can take the Placement Exam in your language (the
con to this is that you can take it only ONCE) or 2) you can take the
final exam with a class in whatever level you think is appropriate,
and if you score in the top half of the curve, you get the credit for
that class (not the unit credit, but the placement credit).

>Has anyone spent part of their graduate training abroad?  Someday in the
>future I would like to combine both my scientific and language interests
>and I am interested in learning how difficult this will be.

	May I suggest you contact a friend of mine in the Museum of
Paleontology at Berkeley? He also has finished >1 year in Russia, speaks
Russian fluently, has studied there, and he's a really friendly person.  
If you're interested, please reply by e-mail to this account.

troust at ugcs.caltech.edu
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