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Life Angst, or is there life outside lab and should ther

Cathy Quinones quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Sat Aug 13 13:50:26 EST 1994

>In article <32gqse$qin at tierra.santafe.ede> cheryl at wijiji.santafe.edu (C.
A. Stewart) writes:
>>In article <32f42h$j56 at nntp2.Stanford.EDU>, dct at leland.Stanford.EDU (David
>>C. Tong) wrote:
>> Who are you kidding. I think you just hung out on the computer 
>> the whole time when you aren't in lab.
>I'm glad someone responded to this.  What is wrong with these childish
>men that they have to invade every newsgroup where women are trying to
>talk about some *real* *problems* and then harass, harangue and flame?
>And who let him into Stanford with those poor language skills?  Maybe 
>the real David C. Tong actually just left a login running when he went 
>out for a coke and a pizza...and then the janitor came in and took the 
>opportunity to send this semiliterate posting.

I already commented on this (perhaps it was a joke between the posters?),
but then I re-read the above paragraph and got thoroughly disgusted.
The internet DOES NOT BELONG to the few who (claim to) have perfect
language skills.  There are A LOT of people who use the internet for whom
English is a second language (myself included, as well as users who
are not citizens of USA) and flames on that account (or insults to the
posters on how the quality of their intellect, as reflected by their
writing skills, diminishes such a distinguished school as Stanford) are a
waste of bandwith.  Besides, why in the world are you picking on
the janitorial staff and making sweeping generalizations about how
these workers are illiterate?  Do you have some sort of deep-seated
(pun intended) angst against the people who make sure you have a clean
place to dump your bodily wastes while in between great feats of science?

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