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Life Angst, or is there life outside lab and should ther

C. A. Stewart cheryl at wijiji.santafe.edu
Fri Aug 12 16:51:10 EST 1994

In article <ctimpte-120894145638 at carnation.bio.indiana.edu> ctimpte at bio.indiana.edu () writes:
>In article <32f42h$j56 at nntp2.Stanford.EDU>, dct at leland.Stanford.EDU (David
>C. Tong) wrote:
>> In article <32f06p$ilh at nntp2.stanford.edu>,
>> Midori Anne Yenari <yenari at leland.Stanford. 
>> My advice to anyone is that it is important
>> > to take some time out for yourself to do things that you
>> > enjoy doing outside of your work. I find going for a short
>> > hike or a run helps clear my mind. There's nothing wrong 
>> >with taking a few nights off to see a movie, play or 
>> >concert, learn to bake bread--whatever. This kind of thinking
>> > helped me through residency training 

>> Who are you kidding. I think you just hung out on the computer 
>> the whole time when you aren't in lab.

>Dear David C. Tong,
>			That was not a very nice response. Who are you to judge 
>someone elses recreation? 

>candace Timpte

I'm glad someone responded to this.  What is wrong with these childish
men that they have to invade every newsgroup where women are trying to
talk about some *real* *problems* and then harass, harangue and flame?
And who let him into Stanford with those poor language skills?  Maybe 
the real David C. Tong actually just left a login running when he went 
out for a coke and a pizza...and then the janitor came in and took the 
opportunity to send this semiliterate posting.


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