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Lovers in science (was: Re: Mentors)

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Mon May 24 04:33:24 EST 1993

In article <1tm6ocINNglo at gap.caltech.edu> squirrel at cco.caltech.edu (Pat White) writes:
>I found the post relating anecdotes about female sexism almost amusing.
>After all, women *never* lie to men about sex, do they?  

In the particular that I mentioned, I think not.  Without going into it,
there were other things that she told me that might suggest that she was
neither telling a lie nor exaggerating.

Change one word, "Ph.D." to "M.Sc." and the brief outline fits another
female graduate student at another university.  I don't think she was lying 

>........................................................Certainly it
>must have been flattering to the professor whose female graduate student
>professed, publicly, how irresistable he is to a much younger woman.
>I'd like to point out that if she had been seen flirting, willingly,
>with him once or twice, he could easily have informed her privately that
>unless she circulated such a rumor, he might have marital difficulties,
>which might influence him adversely when judging her thesis.  

Maybe you are thinking of something other than what I posted......but then
what you do say is interesting, because it really suggests something other
than fair play.  If women feel that they are treated *unfairly*, why do you
suggest that the *male* in your scenario do something that sounds like
threaten her, pointing to "judging her thesis?"

Wouldn't you think that, given your scenario, there is a need for third
party ajudication? 

>...................................................The most
>amusing part of the post was that the young gentleman who related the stories
>took them at face value.

Well, thank you for calling me "young."   :^)   Perhaps, you meant

Why wouldn't I take what was
told me at face value....especially when the character and intelligence of 
the women is outstanding?

In story #1, the person was/is quite assertive and adventurous....those are
not negative descriptors....let's say: prone to meet life head on.....

And in story #2, she was (and probably still is) charming, intelligent,
adventurous and quite a racountuse!  And, frankly, I took her advice to
heart! (that is, my love affairs while a graduate student were marvelous and
sustaining though the trials)

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