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> From: Ben Ridenhour <snake8mynewt at yahoo.com>
> Date: September 8, 2004 5:14:40 PM EST
> Subject: Salamander info
> Hello,
> I'm considering the possibility of creating an clonal line of A. 
> tigrinum for research purposes using androgenesis.  I was wondering if 
> someone could provide some information about such a project.  Namely, 
> I am looking for a protocol for A. mexicanum that I could use in A. 
> tigrinum.  Gillespie and Armstrong (1980) published a paper on 
> creating adrogentic diploids in axolotls-- has there been more recent 
> research on this?

> We were also considering using axolotl eggs (to be irradiated) and 
> fertilizing them with tigrinum sperm to maintain a line.  Do know if 
> this would be possible?  Part of this would require cryogenically 
> preserving salamander sperm -- is that possible?  Any
> help/guidance in this matter would be wonderful (I'm a strict novice 
> at this).  Thanks for you time--
> Ben Ridenhour

> =====
> Benjamin Ridenhour
> School of Biological Sciences
> Washington State University
> P.O. Box 644236
> Pullman, WA 99164-4236
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