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>Is there a vitelago mutant of the axolotl? We hope she will breed for us
>shortly so we can find out.
>Natalie Bjorklund
>University of Manitoba Colony

In a followup to this post I recently found a reference to a color
variant in the axolotl called "harlequin". The harlequin animal is
pictured on the cover of a book. According to the text, the harlequin
pattern is "one of the most uncommon but most attractive" of the
variants. The pictured animal looks very much like the harlequin female
we seem to have. There is no mention of the inheritance of the harlequin

The book is:

Scott, PW "Axolotls" T.F.H. Publications Inc Ltd. 1981. 

The author acknowledges Dr. F. Billett of Southhamptom University
Mr. Paul Keynsham and Dr. R. Thomas of Crawley College for providing
material for photography which may or may not include the picture of the
Harlequin animal.

Comments? Can someone connect me to this group?

We are keeping this female and we are going to try to breed her. Perhaps
we can then determine an inheritance pattern. If anyone would like to see
photographs of the variant, we have some nice digital ones available.

Natalie Bjorklund
University of Manitoba Colony


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