Pigment loss

Sandi Borland sjborlan at indiana.edu
Mon Apr 3 09:44:06 EST 2000

Recently (over the past couple of years) we have had some cases where dark
animals (wild-types) are losing pigment. It has happened only on older
animals, no juveniles. It has only happened on a few animals, maybe 10-15
total in 2 years. It has happened on communally housed females and
individually housed males. They start by either getting paler and paler,
or they start by having large white patches. In the end, they look almost
like a white animal except there will be odd spots of reflective, yellow
or black cells here abd there. The pigment in the eye is not effected. 

They seem to remain otherwise healthy and vigorous. 

Any ideas what this might be?

Sandra Borland
IU Axolotl Colony


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