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>Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 15:15:12 -0400 (EDT)
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>	Background: This is an effort to better understand the remarkable
>surface contraction wave seen to accompany primary neural induction in
>axolotls by Brodland, Gordon et al as reported in the Journal of Morphology
>a few years ago.  In some anurans - particularly in Xenopus laevis through
>the work of Ray Keller* and others - there is a consensus that most of
>neural induction occurs via a so-called planar process which proceeds
>within and along the ectoderm.  In Rana, however, there is strong evidence
>- through the work of Igor Dawid* & others - that most of it occurs by a
>vertical process that proceeds from the underlying mesoderm out into the
>	Question: What if anything is known about this issue (of planar
>versus vertical induction) in the axolotl or other urodeles?
>	Motive: To help me write a review for BioEssays on the roles of
>calcium in organizing development...This in turn IS motivated by curiousity
>but ALSO out of a wish to revive interest and funding in the physiology and
>biophysics of development....As part of that same effort, I organized the
>first Gordon Conference on Developmental Physiology which was held this
>last August 2-7, 1998....The response - including NIH funding - was so
>enthusiastic as to encourage the notion that the tide is beginning to turn
>back towards more holistic and biophysical concerns...
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>*Who fuse molecular and holistic approaches.

On this topic (planar induction Vs vertical induction) you may contact Horst
Grunz, who, as far as I know, has recently done some work on urodeles. His
email is:

h.grunz at uni-essen.de

see also Nieuwkoop and Koster paper in Dev Growth Differ. (1995) 37: 653-668

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