cell line needed

Gayle Cantor McGhee gmcghee at vetmed.wsu.edu
Wed Oct 22 08:41:26 EST 1997

I am working on an bacterial invasion model utilizing a cell monolayer on
permeable supports.  The bacterium invades the intestinal epithelium or
gill epithelium of catfish.  ATCC does not carry a warm water fish
intestinal or gill epithelium line that has tight cell junctions and,
subsequently, my monolayers are "leaky". 

 We are attempting to generate primary cell lines from catfish, but in the
interim, I thought I would like to try an amphibian line.  To date, the
only lines that have been challenged and not leaked have been mammailian
lines.  Obviously, I would like to utilize a cell line more closely
related to my target species. 

Is anyone working on or does anyone have an amphibian/fish intestinal or
gill epithelial line you would be willing to share or could recommend?  If
so, please contact me. 

Gayle McGhee
Department of Vet Micro/Path
Washington State University
gmcghee at vetmed.wsu.edu

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