cell dissociation

Laura Hall hall at bio.fsu.edu
Wed Oct 15 17:57:50 EST 1997


I am currently trying to do a cell dissociation experiment using blastula
embryos.   They dissociate/disburse well in 1X Ca/Mg-free Modified Barth
Saline on 2% agarose/Ca-Mg free MBS plates.  However, as they incubate at
room temperature, the cells begin to fall apart.  And, the longer they
incubate, the more fall apart until all of them have disintegrated.  My
controls (in  1X MBS) also have not done very well in that they show lots
of cell death while still in the blastula stage.

I was wondering if any of you have encountered this same difficulty, and if
so, if you might have some helpful suggestions.  I would really appreciate
any assistance/suggestions you may have.

Thank you,

Laura Hall

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