fixatives and regeneration (fwd)

Ellen Chernoff echernof at INDYVAX.IUPUI.EDU
Fri Oct 10 20:08:58 EST 1997

     The best fixative for axolotl tissue EM work is Kalt's fixative, an
cacodylate-buffered tri-aldehyde fixative used for 1-24 hrs.  I don't have
the recipe handy, but the reference is:

Kalt, M.R. (1971) Improved preservation of amphibian embryos for electron
microscopy.  Anat. Rec. 169: 352a

Peggy Egar has used this fixative with very fine results.
--Ellen Chernoff

>                    I am a biology major at Union College in Schenectady,
>New York, and I am doing a project using the transmission and scanning
>electron microscopes on the regenerative tissue in the tail and forelimbs
>of axolotls. I have searched many journals, without any luck, for previous
>experiments dealing with this subject. I would appreciate any suggestions
>you may have on the best fixatives to use in these procedures. Also, I
>would like to know what the period of time is for blastema formation and
>for complete regeneration. Once again, I would be grateful for any
>information you could give me on these subjects. Thank you for your time.
>		   Sincerely, 
>	           Brett Zani (zanib at union.edu)  
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