transgenic axolotls

mcleanm at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU mcleanm at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU
Wed Jul 16 12:32:02 EST 1997

Dear Dr. Malacinski,

As you know I have been working on the transgenic axolotl system for 
about a year now as part of my graduate thesis; something it seems you 
picked up on from my earlier mailing to the usernet some 6-7 months ago 
regarding it and the brief email you sent to me on it.

In regards to Dr. Gordon's recent posting and the results I have thus 
obtained with the system being developed here-- 

In our hands:

1. Electrical activation of the egg is not necessary prior to injection 
to obtain cleavage.

2. Direct injection into naturally fertilized eggs yields impressive 
results using a reporter plasmid we have had for quite some time but 
mosaic expression to varying degrees is still present and thus "true" 
transgenesis is not achieved as described by Amaya and Kroll.

3. Injection into the vegetal pole yields quite unsatisfactory results as 
compared to injection into the animal hemisphere.

Matthew D. McLean

SUNY Health Science Center
Department of Anatomy/Cell Biology
Syracuse, NY  13210
mcleanm at hscsyr.edu

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