Tim Stabler TSTABLER at iunhaw1.iun.indiana.edu
Tue Jan 28 14:45:25 EST 1997

The Bloomington campus  Axolotl Colony told me about using Rubbermaid 
type containers for mating.  They do work fine.

I made the mistake of leaving larvae in the plastic containers during 
early development.  When I lost my third larvae group (from mating  
two darks from an original albino-white mating), it hit me that the 
only thing different was where the larvae were being raised.

Got eggs and early larvae in the plastic containers out of there and 
into regular glass dishes.  It has been about three weeks and so far, 
NO PROBLEMS.  All are doing well including a second mating of the two 
darks plus a dark-white mating from the same parents.

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