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Jacqueline Dinelli jjd1 at axe.humboldt.edu
Thu Jan 23 10:22:22 EST 1997

	I am trying to start an axolotl colony at Humboldt State
University and received four about a year old axolotls.  One of the males
is sick and I have tried Holfreter's solution (40%) for up to three days
and also a mild mix of tetracycline and purified water.  Neither of these
methods has worked.  The symptoms are; the animal can not swim up to
the top of the tank, when disturbed instead of just swimming away, it
spins around for up to 30 seconds and the animal can not stand on all four
feet.  It stands with two feet touching the groud and two feet in the air.
Other than these observations there seems to be no other problems
with it's eating, excreting and color of skin, (no unusual marks or  
discolorations).  If any one has had this problem before, or has any other
advice I would greatly appreciate it.
			Jackie Dinelli <jjd1 at axe.humboldt.edu>
			Animal caretaker
			Humboldt State University
			Biology Department     

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