immortalizing cells

John F. White jfwhite at PHYSIO.EMORY.EDU
Mon May 20 12:09:00 EST 1996

 I am looking for any information anyone can give me about attempts, 
 successful or unsuccessful, to immortalize cells of urodeles 
 or other amphibians.  I am specifically interested in using the calcium 
 phosphate precipitation method to transfect primary cultures of small 
 and large intestinal epithelial cells of axolotls with the SV40 large T 
 antigen vector. To work, the retinal blastoma (rb) gene equivalent or 
 the P53 gene equivalent must be present.  Do urodeles have the rb or 
 P53 genes?  Related to this, have there been attempts at making 
 transgenic urodeles? Thanks in advance for your help with these questions 
 or any comments you might have.
jfwhite at physio.emory.edu

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