Wolf and Quimby Tissue Culture

Katherine Yvonne Macdonald kymacdon at is.dal.ca
Fri May 10 07:18:50 EST 1996

To anyone who can help me!!

I am presently using the Wolf and Quimby amphibian tissue culture medium 
in my research and have noticed a fungus growing on the surface of my 
culture trays after 4-5 days. This is destroying my tissue and 
affecting my results. I was wondering if there is a certain type of 
anti-fungal agent that I can add to my medium that will prevent this from 
happening in the future. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Katherine Y.MacDonald
Dr. Richard Wassersug's Lab
Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology
Dalhousie University
(902) 494-2244

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