expression library

Michela Denti denti at sabsns.sns.it
Tue Feb 27 12:49:14 EST 1996

I'm looking for an expession library from ovary of Notophthalmus
viridescens, Triturus cristatus carnifex or Triturus vulgaris, to perform a
Does anybody have one? Is it possible to obtain an aliquot of it?
Thank you very much

Dr. Michela Alessandra Denti
Laboratorio di Biologia Cellulare e dello Svilupppo
Dipartimento di Fisiologia e Biochimica
Universita'di Pisa
via Carducci 13, I-56010 Ghezzano PISA ITALY
tel +39 50 878356
fax +39 50 878486

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