mudpuppy question

K. Kristian Whiteleather di624 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Feb 14 06:57:00 EST 1996


In northern Ohio Necturus breeds in the fall from Sept to Nov.  The eggs
are deposited the following spring or summer.

Not too much info on Necturus habits.  Get a copy of Bishops "Handbook of
Salamanders".  Tim Matson @ the Cleveland Musuem of Nat Hist did some work
with them re: pesticides.  He may prove to be the best resource on nat hist


In a previous article, heisthen at mbl.edu (heather eisthen) says:

>Hi.  I am trying to find out when the breeding season is for mudpuppies
>(Necturus).  If anyone can tell me, or give me a reference in which to
>look, I would be grateful.
>Heather Eisthen
>heisthen at mbl.edu
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