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Tue Oct 24 13:48:49 EST 1995

	Dear urodele researchers:
	I participate actually in a group of Science divulgation with the topic 
axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum. I  do speak about it because the biological 
characteristics of this species and my interest on it as model and subjet 
of research (I participated in the "International Workshop on the 
Molecular Biology of Axolotls and other Urodeles", at 1993). In the 
exposition I do speak about geographic distribution, biological 
characteristics, the porpouse for which it is used and its utility on 
biological research and the places at the world in which it is breeded 
and used for this porpouse. For this reason I want to know who have 
Ambystoma mexicanum colonies or in the laboratory, and who do use it as 
model or subjet of research and what country at. 
	I request you be kind to send me information about it in your 
laboratory please, and if you permit it will be included in my speaking.  

	Thanks in advance.
Alvaro Varga Gonzalez
Departamento de Farmacologia
Facultad de Medicina
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
1er. Piso, Edificio D
A.P. 70-297
Tel. 91 (5) 6 23 21 64
Fax 6 16 14 89
E-mail jalvaro at servidor.unam.mx

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