Linda Muske L_Muske at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Thu Oct 12 16:17:35 EST 1995

        Help!  We are working with adult axolotls, and the supply stream
has dried up.  We are looking for adult males of any age, but would prefer
some very young, recently matured animals and some older males, preferably
past their sexual prime.  In the past the colony has provided us with the
latter, but in the aftermath of their epidemic, I cannot shake any loose
from them.
        If any of you with a colony has some older animals that aren't
doing you much good, perhaps you would consider selling some to us.
        If any of you know of any suppliers we haven't hit yet - besides
Ct. Valley, Carolina, Nasco, and Charles Sullivan - perhaps you could give
me their names.
        Thanking you all in advance.

        Linda Muske
L_Muske at Acad.FandM.edu (Linda Muske)

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