X. laevis genomic library

Reese Bolinger anmab2 at orion.alaska.edu
Wed Oct 4 02:08:48 EST 1995


I have been screening the Stratagene lambda Fix II X. laevis genomic 
library looking for the promoter region of a gene of interest.  We have 
screened approximately 4 million clones with several different probes 
and are beginning to suspect our gene isn't in this library.  Therefore, 
I am wondering if anyone out there has or knows of another Xenopus 
genomic library other than the one produced by Melton, which I 
understand has finally "died".

Also, I would like to get a muscle-specific and constitutive promoter 
from Xenopus to use as controls for our preliminary experiments in 
making transgenic frogs.

Thanks in advance...


P.S.  Thanks to everyone who answered my question regarding mosaicism in 
microinjected embryos

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