Student without a PROGRAM

Chris Barry chbarry at mackiller.llnl.gov
Sun Oct 1 20:17:59 EST 1995

        I have graduated this past winter and decided to take a year
off to work in the field. Resolving to find and apply to a program that
interests me, I have been unsucessful in finding one. I am interested in
the molecular biology of cell determination and differentiation and the 
zebrafish is especially appealing to me. As I do not speak German (yet),
I am limited to English speaking countries doing this research. If you  
know of a researcher/program that is willing to take a student into their
program and who has similar research interests, could you please forward 
this message to them? Thank you in advance.

Chris Barry
7000 East Ave.
Livermore, CA 94550

chbarry at mackiller.llnl.gov

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