Getting axolotls to breed

Steve Scadding scadding at uoguelph.ca
Thu Jun 22 08:27:37 EST 1995

I have been trying without success over the past couple of weeks to
get my axolotls to breed.  The problem seems to be that the males have
no interest in the females.  They fail to initiate courtship behaviour
and do not deposit spermatophores.  I have had no trouble inducing the
females to lay eggs using HCG injections intramuscularly.
14 hours light 10 hours dark (no natural light)
Bottom of mating tanks are covered with gravel and stones.
Axolotls have been kept in mixed sex groups with no spontaneous mating

If anyone who has bred axolotls has any suggestions regarding what might
be wrong, I would appreciate it.

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