Salamander Behavior Studies

Linda Muske L_Muske at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Mon Feb 27 09:02:17 EST 1995

>On Wed, 4 Jan 1995, William Forbes wrote:
>> Is there any recent work on salamander behavior?  Is there a
>> bibliography of salamander behavior studies?
>I have been working on axolotl sex behavior, and use of pheromones.   Some
>people working in this field are, E. Dawley, L. Houck, D. Madison, Jaeger,
>writing mainly in behavioral journals.  Paul Verrell wrote a review on the
>role of pheromones in salamander sex behavior, "The Chemistry of Sexual
>Persuasion" in New Scientists 7 (1988) 40-43.   If salamander sex is your
>thing, you might want to start with this paper.  Also, I have an article
>coming out in the next Axolotl Newsletter that will have some references.

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