Spinal cord injury

Mon Dec 12 14:53:11 EST 1994

Dear urodele netters:
    In the course of working on my article for the urodeles issue of the
International Journal of Developmental Biology, I have been thinking about
parallels and differences between urodele and mammalian spinal cord injury
responses.  One thing that I have been unable to find out is whether the
phenomenon of "spreading depression" has been seen in urodele
spinal cord.  Spreading depression is the wave of depolarization that
occurs in neural tissue following injury (described by A.P. Leao, 1944, J.
Neurophysiol, 7:359-?).  Presumably this is the depolarization associated
with glutamate excitotoxicity and calcium ion influx.  Does anyone recall
electrophysiological studies of urodele spinal cord (or brain) that report
this phenomenon?  Thanks.
---Ellen Chernoff
Dr. Ellen A.G. Chernoff, Ph.D.
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