axolotl operations

Gerry Eagleson eaglegw at LCAC1.LORAS.EDU
Sat Dec 3 14:44:41 EST 1994

     I  have a query for the uronet. Perhaps others have the same problem.
I have been doing transplantation (head and prospective hypothalamus)
operations on the axolotls. The embryos seem to heal fine, develop for
awhile, but sometime later they all die! It is as if they first shed their
skin then "blew" up! The one thing I'm doing different from previous
successful operations is holding them in the cold (5 degress C) to
maintaiun the neural plate stage for about 1 week prior to performing the
operations. Could bacteria or parasites build up in the cold during this
     Does anyone out there have similar problems ? 

                Jerry Eagleson


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