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Therapeutic Humane Cannabis

Holson1000 at aol.com Holson1000 at aol.com
Fri Jun 11 14:35:45 EST 1999

In a previous article,  "Lloyd Miller"  <lloyd at a-albionic.com> writes:
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>From: Dr. Ken Larsen <kencan at xmission.com>
>To: KenCan at xmission.com <KenCan at xmission.com>
>Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 1:49 PM
>Subject: Therapeutic Humane Cannabis
>The Drug War is not about drugs. It is about war. Like any other war, it has
>collateral casualties. Collateral casualties are the innocent civilians
>whose suffering is tolerated in the name of war. Consider, for example, the
>innocent children of Belgrade, who are going to bed tonight hungry, cold,
>tired and afraid. They are collateral casualties. Some collateral casualties
>of America's war on drugs would include the pain, suffering and even deaths
>of innocent Americans.
>Let me tell you about myself. I am an Adjunct Research Associate Professor
>of Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine. The "Adjunct" part
>of my title means I get my financial support from outside sources. I do
>contract research for private drug companies. Recently, I did a project for
>Atlantic Pharmaceutical. The new drug is called "CT-3." It sounds almost
>like a character from "Star Wars," doesn't it? Anyway, this drug was formed
>by attaching the active part of aspirin to the cannabinoid
>Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The result is a drug with high potency
>analgesic (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory effects. My study investigated
>the dose-response effects of CT-3 on analgesia, stomach injury and toxicity.
>I found and reported that the drug had a very good dose-response curve for
>pain relief, with virtually no injury to the stomach. In other words, the
>THC part of the molecule protects the stomach from the aspirin part. I also
>found it was impossible for me to put enough CT-3 into a rat stomach to
>produce death. There simply was not sufficient room. Thus, CT-3 has the
>potential to be the perfect drug for arthritis sufferers around the world.
>It is as powerful as aspirin on pain and inflammation, with no stomach
>irritation or oral toxicity. I don't know if humans can get "high" on CT-3,
>but I suspect the dose would be so high, it would be at least 10 times as
>expensive as getting high smoking pot, hardly an incentive for abuse.
>The last I heard, Atlantic Pharmaceutical is not pursuing this potential
>wonder drug for arthritis sufferers. I don't believe it is because the drug
>is not effective or because of any adverse side effects. I suspect it is
>because the drug is a cannabinoid and would test positive for THC in
>urinalysis. I suspect this drug will never be available to the millions of
>people suffering from arthritis because of America's war on drugs. I suspect
>CT-3 is a collateral casualty. If CT-3 could have helped, then all those who
>suffer because of its unavailabilty would be collateral casualties. How many
>other drugs might be more effective if their adverse gastrointestinal
>effects could be reduced or eliminated with the addition of THC? How many
>other potential medical uses for THC will be collateral casualties? How many
>undiscovered wonder drugs are missing from your pharmacy because of the drug
>Does this make sense to you? Are you willing to trust your doctor to open
>you up and take out your appendix, but not trust her to prescribe
>appropriate drugs for your suffering? All prescription drugs are potentially
>dangerous and can be abused. That's why they are prescription drugs. Dozens
>of prescription drugs are more deadly than cannabinoids. Dozens of
>prescription drugs are more addictive than cannabinoids. Dozens of
>prescription drugs are more intoxicating and psychotropic than cannabinoids.
>Isn't it time we trust our medical professionals to make medical decisions?
>If you wouldn't trust the Legislature or Congress to operate on your
>appendix, why trust them with prescription decisions?
>The THC petition is about restoring some sanity to a world gone mad. It is
>about protecting three groups: 1) doctors who prescribe cannabinoids for
>proven medical conditions, 2) patients with prescriptions for the use of
>cannabinoids, and 3) suppliers of cannabinoids who supply only to patients
>with prescriptions. It is not about making cannabis legal for non-medical
>We trust our dentists to inject Novocain, a derivative of cocaine. We trust
>our doctors to prescribe codeine, a derivative of opium. Practically every
>illegal drug has its legal and useful derivatives in medicine -- except
>Let's return a little humanity to medicine. Let's support the therapeutic
>use of cannabinoids to relieve human suffering. Let's support the
>Therapeutic Humane Cannabis initiative petition in Utah.
>Thank you,
>Ken Larsen, Ph.D.
>Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Medicine
>Chairman of the Utah THC Committee
>856 East 100 South #2
>Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
>kencan at xmission.com

   Something has to be done about this. The war on drugs is a crime against

                           Howard R Olson, MA




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