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Any comments on this explanation for allergy? (yes, of course :)

Hans Lennros hans.lennros at swipnet.se
Tue Jun 1 18:31:46 EST 1999

Hi cfs,

The fun part was when ADA was brought to a Californinan court for
their seal of approval on amalgam. Did you see that?

In court they denied it, said they only approved of the cannisters that
the dental amglam is contained in before inseration. Talking about a
dishonorably sneaking out ....

I bet not even Slobodan Milosevic would had come up with that thought!


>Then you can't claim to know one way or another .
>Here is the chronology of events =>
>1. ADA says mercury in amalgam is tightly bound , can't release into body.
>2. Study done by World Health Organisation shows CONCLUSIVELY that mercury
>vapour is released into body at about 10-20 mcg per day per filling.
>3. ADA changes its story and says , yeah well , that amount can't hurt
>anyone . ADA says they have installed something like a billion fillings and
>that THAT is their conclusive proof that mercury can't do anything. Never
>mind the large amount of studies done.
>In case you doubt point 2. , then let me tell you that I personally have
>done a DMPS challenge test. What this does is  an infusion of DMPS is given
>and the amount of mercury and other heavy metals is measured in your urine.
>I came out very elevated. Now if mercury is not released , then where did
>the mercury come from ? It didn't come from fish because I rarely eat it.
>Is the lab lying ? Is my doctor lying ? My chelation doctor is actually good
>friends with my regular M.D. He is an M.D. himself and gives regular
>medications in addition to what he does on the side with chelation .
>YOU need to start having a more open mind. The CDC doesn't make conclusions.
>If they ever made a conclusive statement that mercury DOES NOT cause
>problems then they really can't make such a statement because they haven't
>looked into it at all and done the necessary studies.
>One day you will be proven wrong. You need to change the way you think.
>There was a time when it was very difficult to make people believe that the
>earth is round. They thought Galileo and those guys were nuts and refused to
>look at the empirical evidence. If you don't change your attitude soon , you
>will wind up being part of the trash heap of history. The future of medicine
>is the merger of alternative and conventional. All those people claiming
>that this and that worked for them are not lying. You guys need to start
>putting some research into it and find out why this works for that person
>but not another.

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