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You could try Bioengeneering.
But I recommend a Sterilization in place Biorreactor. Like Bioflow 415. Is a hard task autoclave a 5 L jar in a laboratory autoclave (vertical). The problem will be the price.
The water jacket is another question, sometimes are difficult the temperature active  the medium in sterilization process. 
Do you consider to buy a Methanol analyzer for in process control? 

Good look,
German Wassermann

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Dear all,

 I am looking a buy a Fermenter for large scale (max. 4-5 l.) culture of Pichia to high cell densities. There are two models I am looking at

1) the Bioflo310 from New Brunswick

2) labfors 5 from ATR

Of course, I need all the usual stuff- temeprature control (through a water-jacketed system), O2 conentration control. pH control, feed lines for MeOH etc. Does anyone have any recommendation to make, from either of these or any other one ? Will be very helpful.


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