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Am 24.03.2010, 09:40 Uhr, schrieb RHIANNON THOMPSON  
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> Dear Phillipp Pagel,
> I'm not sure if you are still using this email address or even still  
> work in this field, however I came across a webpage where you dicuss a  
> Na K ATPase protocol. I was wondering if you still had a version of this  
> protocol that you would mind forwarding to me? I'm having alot of  
> trouble with a Na K ATPase assay, in my assay ouabain appears to produce  
> Pi! Any help would be much appreciated.

In case you didn't notice, you are sending to a discussion group, not an  
idividual. As to assays for Na/K-ATPase activity (or any other ATPase, for  
that matter), you can detect the produced ADP by a coupled  
spectrophotometric test (coupling with LDH and PK) or by measuring the  
released Pi. The latter can be done photometrically, fluorimetrically or  
(for highest sensitivity) with gamma 32- or 33P-ATP. In case of  
Na/K-ATPase of course the release should be sensitive to ouabain.

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