[Protein-analysis] Proteomics/Biomarker Patent News (1/3/10)

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Sun Jan 3 14:46:58 EST 2010

1. Mass spectrometry fingerprint for identifying Alzheimer's disease
2. Method and system for selecting SRM transitions for a peptide of
interest based on both selectivity and sensitivity criteria
3. Method for preparing a sample for MALDI MS Imaging
4. Biomarkers for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
5. Polypyrimidine-tract binding protein (PTB) as biomarker for ovarian
and breast cancers
6. Novel phosphorylation sites identified in leukemia
7. Kruppel Like Factor 15 (KLF-15) or lysosomal integral membrane
protein-2 (LIMP-2) as biomarkers for heart failure
8. Systems and methods for optimizing the performance of a mass
spectrometer by decreasing settling times in MS/MS
9. Biomarkers for the detection of differentiation of hematopoietic
stem cells into megakaryocytes and platelets


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