[Protein-analysis] antibody affinity chromatography question

zhjwmy from yahoo.com via proteins%40net.bio.net (by zhjwmy from yahoo.com)
Wed Mar 25 19:02:14 EST 2009

Hi there,
anyone here in biology has experience with affinity chromatography? 
having problem with my columns recently. my columns worked all right
before, but suddenly didn't enrich proteins. I confirmed the starting
and eluting conditions, and it should be always the same. I heard
before that these antibody columns have a definite life, such as a
number of cycles it can run, but it's unlikely two of my columns stop
working at the same time---one column was very new, and only ran a few

anybody can give a clue? I'm not a prof bio and this
topic is hard to google out. hope some expert friends can share me your
valuable opinions and suggestions (why this happens... solutions...).
much appreciated! 


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