[Protein-analysis] Call for Papers: Computational Analysis of Biological Networks in Journal Advances in Bioinformatics

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    Deadline: August 1, 2009

    Computational Analysis of Biological Networks

        Call for Papers

One of the fundamental goals of bioinformatics is to understand the 
biological processes that are the driving forces behind organisms' 
functions. Biological networks such as metabolic, gene regulatory, and 
protein interaction networks show how various biochemical entities 
interact with each other to perform vital functions that they cannot 
perform alone. A critical common property of biological networks is that 
although the individual entities of a pathway may have specific 
functions, they play additional roles in the entire network by 
communicating with other entities.

This Special Issue focuses on novel computational approaches and methods 
for understanding biological networks. This issue will publish original, 
high-quality research articles. High-risk/high-gain ideas for 
understanding biological networks are welcome. Manuscripts should 
include biological impact and validation as well as technical depth. The 
topics that are included (but not limited to) in this issue are:

    * Pathway reconstruction
    * Comparison and querying of biological networks
    * Annotation of functional subnetworks
    * Motif discovery in networks
    * Steady-state analysis of networks and the whole cell model
    * Analysis of network-disease family relationships

Before submission, authors should carefully read over the journal's 
Author Guidelines, which are located at 
http://www.hindawi.com/journals/abi/guidelines.html. Prospective authors 
should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscripts through 
the journal manuscript tracking system at http://mts.hindawi.com/, 
according to the following timetable:

    Manuscript Due 	August 1, 2009
    First Round of Reviews 	November 1, 2009
    Publication Date 	February 1, 2010

        Lead Guest Editor

    * Tamer Kahveci <mailto:tamer from cise.ufl.edu>, Computer and
      Information Sciences and Engineering Department, University of
      Florida, FL 32610, USA

        Guest Editors

    * Tolga Can <mailto:tcan from ceng.metu.edu.tr>, Department of Computer
      Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 06531 Ankara, Turkey
    * Limsoon Wong <mailto:wongls from comp.nus.edu.sg>, School of Computing,
      National University of Singapore, Room 3-34, Building COM1, 13
      Computing Drive, Singapore, Singapore 117417
    * Zhongming Zhao <mailto:zzhao from vcu.edu>, Virginia Commonwealth
      University, VA 23284, USA

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