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On Aug 26, 6:44 pm, elham rastegari <elham.raste... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> My project is protein extraction and identification of Curculigo latifolia
> fruit(somehow protein profiling). i already extracted all the proteins
> through TCA-aceton methanol washes phenol precipitation. and i plan to do
> two dimensional gel electrophoresis to get spots and then send the spots to
> Ms/MS to sequence, but it would be very expensive to apply for all spots.So
> would you tell me if you were me, which kind of spots you would choose?
> please help me narrow my identification.
>  cheers Eli


there are just few proteins or cDNA sequences for  Curculigo
latifolia / C. capitulata  and Hypoxidaceae in general. So you will be
going for de novo protein sequencing. This will make sense if you want
to spot a difference, say between ripe / non-ripe fruit .
As a method for characterising proteome, de novo protein sequencing is
to costly/to low throughput.
IMHO it is way easier to go for EST sequencing first, as a stepping
stone for proteome characterisation.



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